Sam Manicom

By far not the first guy to travel around the world by motorcycle. But for us the greatest inspiration, as Sam was the one that sparked the idea to try it for ourselves. His four books truthfully tell of his motorcycle adventures across the continents. The stories are not just about the bike, but also about the people he met and the places and feelings he experienced, coming to life with sounds and smells, as if you are there with him. After devouring the first one, I couldn’t wait for the postman to deliver the rest.

Into Africa is the first book from when he first leaves the UK to ride south across Africa (also available on Audio, Sam reading it with his soothing voice).

Under Asian Skies is the second, also available as audio book. Not having run out of money by the time he reached South Africa, Sam decided to carry on, via Australia and South East Asia, finally riding home overland.

Distant Suns is the third in the series. Having infected Birgit, his partner, with the travel bug, both ride south to explore Africa a second time (for Sam).

Tortillas and Totems then describes their journey as they go to South America, heading north, all the way into Alaska, before they fly home across the pond.

You can get his books here.

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