Ok, wrong direction, but fuck it, its a start

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Aidan sort of owed his parents a visit and they had kept asking me to come over too, so what better excuse than to hop on the bikes and ride over?

Well bike actually…. I only had my little Chimmi and at 125cc we’d have to take the whole year off work for the trip. But then I had just passed my full license, so I went on a manic search for a suitable BMW F650GS….. and finally found one in Aberystwyth in Wales. Aidan had offered to go two up, but there was no way I was going to miss out on the riding fun!

Left early in the morning and caught a ferry from Fishguard to Rosslare. Then carried on riding and found ourselves a campsite on the coast just south of Waterford in Tramore. Tent pitched and off into town for some dinner. The owner of a nice Thai restaurant called Banyan that also served coffee in the morning had the kitchen chef us up a quick take-away as they were closing – only to let us eat it in the conservatory with a beer on the house anyways 🙂 Real nice of him!

Then on to a real irish pub…. and as luck would have it a good fun live band was playing and the obligatory old local was there too to share random opinions with. When they closed… OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My amazing little camera was gone! 😦 😦 OK, calm down, nothing we can do now…. maybe, hopefully left it at the Thai restaurant Banyan. Ok, maybe see if there is anyone still there? Of course not. Ok so maybe leave them a voicemail to look out for it.

So off we bumbled back to the tent, me trying to convince myself all will be fine. Next morning we packed up and went back to Banyan to see if the camera was there, and of course it was HURRAHHH!!!!! 🙂 The coffee was yummy too, by the way.

Duly caffeinated we rode off into a sunny morning towards Aidan’s parents’ house near Castleisland. We only got just past Waterford when Suki (Aidan’s Bandit) started playing up. It was a wierd sort of bump when riding, as if she was tucking at her chain and it made an unusual noise too. With no idea what could be wrong we were worried something was wrong with the engine. So we sat by the roadside playing cards till to recovery van turned up. The recovery man agreed that it must be the engine and he couldn’t fix it there and then. So Suki got a lift in the van and was to be dropped at Clash Motorcycles in Tralee. Aidan hopped on the back of Lucky Seven (my F650GS) and we wobbled on – I had never ridden with a pillion before and this was still a rather new bike to me!!!

Anyways, we made it and spent several days at Aidan’s parents’ house enjoying the quiet countryside, getting munched by a million mosquitos by the tiny river nearby and I found out about some of the shenanigans Aidan and his brothers and sister got up to when they were little over some wine and homebrewed sloe gin from the neighbours 🙂

We also came across a motorcycle show in Killarney with loads and loads of Harleys:) They were awesome. Shame we didn’t know beforehand, otherwise I would have booked us in for one of the ride-outs they did on some of those Harleys! Later we found the most awesome road through the Killarney national park. We had to go the same road twice… once to enjoy the most awesome scenery, and then again to enjoy riding the most awesome twisting road!

On the way back home we camped at a campsite very close to the ferry. We hadn’t brought any food so we went on a very long walk to have an amazing dinner in a pub. The rest of the journey was rainy and cold… but we still enjoyed it. Good to know because there are surely going to be some rainy days on the RTW too 😉

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