To Oxford

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I’ve got an old uni mate living in Oxford. I hadn’t seen him in a while, so, ignoring the blistering cold and rain, we figured we’d take a trip up there and say hello.

It was our first trip with both Suzukis – favouring a fun ride over comfort since it was a fairly short journey. A coffee stop in the middle of a farmyard and the occasional detour through pothole strewn mud tracks courtesy of my dodgy navigation were the only remarkable parts , and fairly soon we were parked up and thawing out in a nice cottage kitchen in Haddenham.

The rest of the night went as you’d expect from a rendezvous with an old mate – increasingly slurred reminiscences and recollections. Most of the later part of the night we had to discover from some slightly skewed photos we found on the camera the following morning, when, after a coffee and a splash of cold water to sober up, we set off – back the way we had come.

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