Grease Monkeys

Update 27th January:

We have spent much of the day giving the girls some attention. Suki has had her air filter cleaned out (had to dismantle half the bike for that, including taking the tank off!!).And then a general going over of course to make sure all the winter riding isn’t doing too much harm 😉

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Sasha has been covered top to toe – er I mean wheel – in WD40 to try and keep the rust at bay and I also cleaned her chain and oiled it.

Seven had a slow puncture – or so I thought. So I took the wheel off and removed the brake disk (it still needed lock-titeing back on from last time when I changed tires).


Then went to take the little thing in the valve out to completely deflate the tire, only to find it was loose! So is that why she lost air? Doh! Should have checked that to start with! Now I feel stupid… And then the usual doubt sets in: what if I just imagined it was loose and she really does have a slow puncture? Hm….. well, when considering the fuss and effort of removing the tire to check the inner tube (and maybe pinching a hole into it in the process)…. Well, I decided to pump up the tire first and keep checking it… And yup, seems fine, if anything the pressure is going up 1 psi after few minutes! :p

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Ok so put the tire back on the bike. (Always a huge struggle to fit everything back into place! It’s all such a tight fit!) Chain tension and rear wheel alignment checked, I gave the chain a good clean and re-oiling. So all good to go, right? Nope, tire pressure is down 4 psi! GGGRRRRR! That’s it, I give up! Pumped it back up to where it should be and now going to wait see what happens…. Going to get  her to a mechanic for her 24,000 mile check up this month anyways so hopefully the tire will hold up till then… if not I will have to take it all apart again next weekend…. She’s lots of trouble: leaking oil from the engine casing – and it doesn’t seem to be the sump plug, she keeps stalling when idling, which gets worse when filtering through traffic and suddenly closing the throttle a lot, the bottom screw on the air filter flange is threaded and will not screw in, now the tire and a couple of weeks ago she needed a new battery….

13. January 2013

Well, there aren’t any pics of us greasemonkeying, so for now a bunch of pics of the girls standing in each others and our way around the garage will have to do 😉 Oh, and a couple of Sasha standing around my dad’s front yard in Forest Row.


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