How it all started


Well, Aidan dragged me to the MCN Motorcycle Show in London in 2010 since his mate couldn’t make it. And yup, I loved it! There we bumped into Sam Manicom selling his motorcycle travel books, telling us how amazing it all was with a glint in his eye…

And so, throughout the rest of our bumbling around the show, pretending to ride the latest bikes and trying on helmets for Aidan it slowly dawned on me: didn’t I always want to go traveling? And weren’t trains too expensive and flights too like the London Underground (you pop out at stations but have no idea what’s on the streets in between them)? And anyways, my job situation was a little stagnant and I needed a change, an aim in life (isn’t it a little too early for a midlife crisis??)….

Well, Aidan was up for it, RTW on a bike sounds good:) So we set off doing CBTs and Motorcycle licenses, planning, saving money…. it would take a few years to save enough, but hey, that gives us some time to fix up the bikes and make some kind of plan (surely the plan will change somewhat as we go along, they always do)….

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