Traveller – Friendly Motorcycle Mechanic

Seven desperately needed the doctor…. she’s still leaking oil, keeps stalling on idling and according to the manual she is due for a service. So went on the HUBB and asked if anyone knew of a traveller friendly motorcycle mechanic who would let me watch (and hopefully learn) and who could help get the bikes ready for the trip. Someone posted the contact details for Dave Wilkins, so I popped by his this morning. (He isn’t normally there on a Saturday so thanks Dave!)

He has helped a couple of guys prepare their bikes for trips across Africa and seems to know a thing or two of what will be required. He was real nice and patiently explained everything to me. Seven got new spark plugs and had her spokes checked. The idling problem, if it now doesn’t go away, can probably only be solved by some expensive BMW person resetting the on board computer thingy 😦 Hm….. I guess I will see how it goes with the new sparks and the new battery I fitted a couple of weeks ago (motobatt – no idea how long it lasts as its new, but its AWESOME and has very high cranking power…. Seven now whizzes about!).

Since I also changed the oil plus filter and the air filter recently, there isn’t really anything else to do for the service apart from check the brakes. Dave had a look at them. Brake disks are fine but the rear brake caliper has completely seized up so it keeps overheating and has melted the spedo cable:( That’s gonna be a long fiddely job but I’ll give it a go (will post an update when it happens – not next weekend though, as I am busy with other stuff then…). If I can’t manage, Dave has offered to help:)

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