The Greasemonkeying Never Ends

Its freezing cold out in the garage and every time the spanner slips and you chafe your hands its twice as painful as usual. But the girls don’t seem to care and want more attention, the more we ride them on salty, wet and grimy roads.

So last weekend I made a start on Seven’s seized rear brake. Took the wheel off, removed the caliper…… Next thing is to get the pin out, that holds the brake pads in place. No Chance! Stuck and not moving even one tiny bit. So soaked it in WD40, and then some more WD40 and left it.

IMG_2127 IMG_2128

Gave Sasha a wash instead, get rid of all the salt and grime. Then covered her in WD40 too, try prevent as much rusting as possible. Her front wheel squeaks, but I’m not taking that apart until I get the BMW running again. I need one bike to go to work on after all, and the way things have been going recently, I don’t trust that everything goes smoothly and the bike is back together by Monday Morning :p


All clean and shiny and soaked in WD40 🙂

Meanwhile Aidan gave changing the chain and sprockets on Suki a go. But for some reason getting the front sprocket on the Bandit off is a bitch. And sure enough he ended up rounding off the allen key type screw 😦 Changed the chain and back sprocket in any case. Gonna buy a new set of bolts for the front sprocket as the old ones are ruined now and then bring it to the mechanic and see if he can get the old one off with his tools. After all both sprockets should be changed when you change the chain to make sure the old sprockets don’t wear the new chain too fast due to the way they have been worn.

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So during the week I have continued to drench Seven’s brake pad pin in WD40 and this weekend it FINALLY came out.

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Next pushed the brake piston out as far as it would go without coming out completely and drained the brake fluid, removing the pipe. The Haynes manual then instructs to “slide the caliper apart”. Hm yeah, right….. but mine is seized and rusted completely stuck! So more WD40, some hammering with a drift. No movement, what a  surprise! So another week of soaking in another can of WD40 I guess.

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