Meet Chimmi (short for Chimichurri, as decided while at Sonisphere that summer;)), my first ever bike:) Loyal but well cheeky little thing. Super reliable too, but don’t you dare neglect her for a few days (such as not lubing the chain or not taking her with on an awesome trip) and she’ll simply not start, just for long enough to make you wonder whether to call the AA recovery guys. But then she’ll start anyways as its better to come with than to spend another day sitting on the drive by herself after all;)

chimmi looking despondant IMG_1444

Had to sell Chimmi though 😦 (How I hate having to be sensible!!!). Well actually bought Sasha (you’ll meet her later) and had to be sensible (gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) in the name of saving for traveling… Miss you Chimmiiiiiieeeeeee!!!!!!

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