Lucky Seven

And then there is Lucky Seven – And yes, the name is ironic! She has been a lot of trouble since! Flat tyre straight after I took her home to London (and more importantly: shortly before the Ireland trip and before I owned any tire irons or patches! But what can you do? Love at first sight springs to mind again (it seems that is how we pick our bikes 😉 )

Lucky Seven

She is ever so patient though, I went and fetched her all the way from Aberystwyth on the west coast of Wales (I did view the same model bike in London, but that one just didn’t click). So the jump from a cruiser style 125cc (Chimmi) was huuuge and I ended up stalling all over the place. All other traffic made sure they kept well away from me:p Yet Seven kept starting up and made sure I got back to London ok.

Since then she’s been a little problem child though and I am wondering whether she is trying to get me to be able to fix just about anything before we set off, or whether she is just plain stroppy. Flat battery, flat tires, leaking oil from the engine, stalling when idling….. I have a lot to learn!

Update May 2015: If you’ve followed our blog, you know that Seven has continued to be a problem-child. She was just too unreliable and we ended up skipping off-the-beaten-track places in case she breaks down. That’s not how it should be! The bike is supposed to give you the freedom to go anywhere! So in the end we’ve sold her, and I’ve used the opportunity to change to a smaller bike, even if it means sharing spares is no longer an option.

Funnily enough I’m a little bit sad to see her go. She’s become a real good friend and we’ve had some great times! If it hadn’t been for the breakdowns, we wouldn’t have met some of the most amazingly helpful people, like Ahmed, the electrician in Turkey or Beca and the guys in Kutaisi to name but a few!

But is seems she’s in good hands! A young guy from the northern German countryside has bought her to have fun trashing around the fields 🙂

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