Yeah I know there is a countdown on our website, but that one is only in months (haven’t got round to finding a better one yet). So I made a huge countdown poster, counting down the days till we’re off πŸ™‚ Every day we get to cross one off…..soooooooo exited!!!! Wait till we hit the 100 day mark, and then 50 days, and then just 7 and then 1 more sleep! I probably won’t get any sleep I’ll be so exited πŸ˜‰

It also spurs us on to get on with the trip planing even when we are tired after work (there is so much info we still need to find, which always takes hours of searching the web for what we want). 296 days suddenly doesn’t seem so long… πŸ™‚ Which is just as well cos I can’t wait to set off!

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