Braided Steel Brake Hoses

Pipa had a braided steel brake hose at the front when Aidan bought her. And then we ingeniously managed to tear the rubber one at the back, so that was also replaced with a steel one. How do you tear a brake hose? Well, you take it off from behind the swing arm clip when taking the caliper down to take the back wheel off when working on it. When finished, you put the wheel and caliper back on. You are tired at the end of a hard day’s work and don’t bother checking things over.

The next day, on the ride home from work, you suddenly have no back brake. You creep home carefully and all worried. On safe arrival you check the brake caliper and all seems fine. Press the pedal, and nothing! Hm….. brake hose maybe? Yup, huge hole in the side! How did that happen? Oh wait! You forgot to clip it back behind that little metal holder on the swing arm and it has been hanging loose against the tire. And it’s been shredding it when riding. Oops!

So then I thought the brake hoses on Seven may be quite knackered and ordered braided steel ones for her too. But before I could fit them, I was off to Dave Wilkins to have the rear shock fitted. He said I should leave the hoses alone, if they are all ok. Said that would just open another can of worms. Yeah, he’s probably right. I decided to just leave it and keep the steel hoses as spares for when I do need them.

Turns out that was sooner than I thought. The other day when changing the coolant I noticed a big hole in the outer layer of the front brake hose. (I didn’t know they had two layers, but it looks that way.) There is no leakage yet, but it definitely seems a weak spot and I don’t want to find out its broken as I’m using it in busy traffic! So the front one was changed last weekend.

And now for the can of worms. For the first time ever, all bolts came loose easily (!!!) πŸ™‚ I even changed the front brake pads while I was at it and gave the caliper a good service and re-greased the pins. Put it all back together with the sexy new brake hose. Topped up the Dot 4 and bled the brakes. All great. Except now the brake is all spongy 😦 Bled the brake some more….. hardly any improvement. Hm…. so onto the famous Faq! Looks like a very common problem with those F650 Gs’s. They have lots of little tricks on the Faq so printed them off. Was gonna try them out today, but didn’t quite get round to it, so will keep you posted on how it goes πŸ™‚

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