We’ve Moved!

Despite all my promises, we have been neglecting this website and all social media for that matter a little bit, so while this is not strictly Trip Prep, I’ll update you…. Its been awesome weather of course, so we have spent a lot of time outside, bumbling around london (with a beer or two – cheaper than sitting in a pub with a pint), having BBQs and generally soaking up the sun. So here a few pics – click on the image to enlarge:

Aidan and his mate Benji also went to a Custom Motorcycle Show in Shoreditch (I’m so bummed I missed it!). It even popped up on ITV on “The Motorbike Show” with Henry Cole. Here are some pics (see why I’m so bummed?):

But what has also been keeping us real busy is our move from our last place in South East London to Hanger Lane (yes, walking distance from the ACE Cafe πŸ™‚ ) You know, the usual stress of cleaning the old place top to bottom, in the hope that we get our deposit back, finding a new place (not so easy if you want cheap and a garage), moving the stuff….Β  Boring, but necessary. And that’s our garage: (Oh and before you ask, that green bong mask thingy? Found it in our new room when we moved in! The Aussies left it behind…. I was on the phone to the landlord and went into the room to check whether they had indeed left as suddenly as they had emailed the landlord. I opened the cupboard and yelled “Oh my god, wtf?!?!” down the phone, thinking I had stumbled on some kind of strap on! The landlord asked all worried what I’d found but I just said he’d see it when he came over….. we just left him wondering πŸ™‚ )

And then of course, we have been to the ACE cafe πŸ™‚ It’s great to be able to walk there, so we can actually enjoy a beer or two πŸ™‚ A couple of Fridays ago the had the usual Streetfighter night, and people were pulling wheelies and doing little stunts on the super quiet old North Circ outside. Some cop turned up and told them to stop. Guess he had to do his job really. Might lose it if something had happened while he was just standing by. On the other hand I’m sure he should probably just have let them get on with it (at their own risk) and driven on. As it is the biker crowd got a little pissed off that he was ruining their fun and ganged up on him. One idiot then tried to bottle the cop through the car window!

How stupid! Now the cops are out in full force around the ACE every Friday and no one is allowed to have any alcohol outside the actual cafe building (until September apparently). We turned up the Friday after and there were cops everywhere, checking license plates and handing out tickets for lack of insurance, MOT and the like. But their presence is getting fewer by the week – they have shown we shouldn’t mess with them I guess. And the bikers are having fun anyways. Always a good place to check out awesome bikes and meet their owners πŸ™‚

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