Drinks :)

Have you ever added up the cost of  all the drinks you have a month? Its scary! In London its soooooo tempting to go out to the pub two, three times a week….. meet a friend here, go out for a birthday there…. and how do you fancy a game of Spite & Malice in that cosy pub we haven’t been to in ages? Over the years we have come across quite a few pubs we absolutely love. And many of them are conveniently easy to get to for us and friends we see far too rarely.

(For those of you, wo do not live in London, let me explain: It is a single city. But despite the fact that we and our friends live in the same city, it often takes one to two hours to just go over to each other’s house due to clogged roads and slow public transport. So with 9-5 jobs for most of us, it’s a mission, and we do not get round to seeing each other more than every few weekends, strange as that may seem.)

So you can see the temptations we are facing, when it comes to going to the pub 🙂 But that has to be reduced to a bare minimum, if we are to save any money at all. The solution? “Tramping” as it has come to be called: walking around London, with a can of beer in hand (£1.00 vs £3.80 per pint in the pub). And London is awesome to bumble around in. It is so closely knit, there is always something new and different and quirky around the corner. Especially in this hot summer we’ve been having for the past few weeks, tramping has been awesome! But we have been known to wander around with a tinny during rain and snow and ice. Bring it on! – last winter in England for us 🙂

We did try to make some Elderflower Champagne too. But it turned out disgusting (albeit alcoholic). I refuse to drink it – money saving or not, so Aidan is struggling to convince himself to finish it. (Our mate home-brews some excellent fruit wines though, so will be paying him a visit when he returns from his holidays in Greece 😉 )

Elderflwer Champagne - Sorry, but its gross :p

I also made Elderflower cordial, and that was yum 🙂 Sadly it didn’t last too long because I don’t like it too sweet, so I didn’t add enough sugar to completely sterilise it. Yum refreshing drink with lots of lime during the hot weeks and keeping me refreshed during an exhausting move 🙂

Elderflower Cordial - Yum :D

Oh, and then of course there is our friend Nicci, who works for a wine distributors. She gets staff discounts and knows whats on offer when. So we have been bulk buying super nice wines (normally about £10.00 in the supermarket) for about £3.00 – £4.00 per bottle. And just for comparison, the cheapest we get from corner shops and the like is about £6.00 – £8.00 per bottle. Call us spoiled, but the cheaper stuff is just undrinkable (after all I’m drinking wine to enjoy, not to get pissed – we have horrid Elderflower Champagne for that).

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