Ebay – Kinda obvious really!

Ok this is an obvious one really. After all we cannot take much with us, and to store it is a hassle. And some people may actually want all the junk we have been accumulating over the years! So over the past year we have been selling anything from shoe laces at 99p via pretty dresses and even hand sewn clothes, to guitar amps, beds, house plants, guitars and other stuff that sold for quite a few £££.

Aidan even had a painting, that he was given for some architectural work he did. The painting was an original by what was supposed to be a good friend of Andy Warhol. The background story is a little dodgy and no one quite knows, if it is true or not (not even Google is conclusive). And still the painting sold for quite a bit 🙂

And all the cash we got together has paid for all the parts and tools we have bought over the past year 🙂 So while we haven’t amassed huge riches in our paypal accounts, we didn’t have to use our savings for many of the modifications, services, tools and consumables we needed. (After all, we had pretty much no tools to start with 😉 )

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