Furniture Upcycling

We had the genius idea to find a few nice chairs on Freecycle and then  to upcycle them, and sell them on eBay or Gumtree. I love painting things and making them pretty again so it would be loads of fun! And if it throws off a bit of cash for the travel fund, all the better!

So we found ourselves fetching the chairs from near Hilly Fields in Brockley London, with a hang over, after having stayed over at a friends the night before – my birthday party. Said friend lent me some flat shoes so I wouldn’t have to stalk about in my party heels and off we went. We kept re-filling the Stein we nicked from Katzenjammers the night before from some tinnies, and made a nice little walk back home to Lee of it. Chair carrying with lots of beer stops. The people who gave us the chairs thought we were mad! – I wonder why?



The chairs then got stored in the garage for ages. We fetched tem 22nd November 2012 and the winter was long and far too cold to spend the evenings painting chairs! And in the dark at that, as the garage light kept blowing the fuse. But come spring and sunshine (finally!!!) we sat in the front yard, listening to music and painting chairs (with the obligatory tiny of course 🙂 ). That was lots of fun and we were proud of the newly retro-white chairs!



We later got a staple gun and had a good time stapling the hell out of the seat cushion. Well, actually we put a new, white cloth over the old seat and stapled it down (which required a few more staples than first anticipated). The chairs looked awesome though, as we were proud of our work.



After all that, it was really hard to sell the chairs. Seems that anyone who buys second-hand chairs doesn’t want to pay much and doesn’t mind if they are a little scruffy. Hm…. maybe should have done some market research first? So that was the end of our upcycling career. But it was tons of fun!


And just as we were moving out of the place in Lee, a young couple, who were busy renovating their new house in Beckenham, bought them. We delivered them with the van we had borrowed from work for the move, and they were really stoked about the chairs…. they LOVED them! So while we didn’t make tons of cash, I’m really happy that those people really genuinely liked our work 🙂

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