France, Spain, Portugal, Two Bikes and a Wedding (No, not ours!)

We’re off for three weeks riding down to Portugal this summer πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Setting off Saturday (19.8.13) in the morning to catch the lunchtime ferry from Dover. Hopefully after a yummy breakfast at the Ace cafe just up the road πŸ˜‰

Two friends of ours, Aidan’s old house mates to be precise, decided to get married in Portugal. They are Portuguese and so it does make sense if they don’t have to fly all their family to London. What better excuse to ride down there on the bikes? Sort of a test run for the big round the world trip. And maybe it makes setting off on the big trip a little less scary too…

It’s funny that! I’ve been going on about how exiting the RTW trip is going to be, how I can’t wait to see all those new places. I’ve been reading other’s stories and its all been really exiting and inspiring! Ted Simon: to me one of THE pioneers of motorcycle travel (although there were others before him of course). Sam Manicom: as already mentioned it’s his fault that the idea popped into my head in the first place. Graham Field: his humorous recollection of the Mongolia trip just makes you want to jump on the bike and go….NOW! Then there are Austin Vince and the Mondo Enduro guys, who proved that it can be done with little cash and fewest modern gadgets and Lois Pryce: living proof that a woman can ride around the world all by herself and have an awesome time, let alone survive (Dad, take note πŸ˜‰ ). And I think she is off to Iran now?!? πŸ™‚

But today, all of a sudden, when it’s almost time to set off on aΒ  measly little three-week trip to safe Europe, I’m getting a little nervous. We have only booked the ferry and agreed to meet some friends on the way. But that’s it. No plans as to where we’ll stop or sleep. And that’s how we want it. Take our time and let the trip take us wherever it takes us on the way to the wedding. Sounded good to me! Now it also seems a little daunting… My life has followed the safe and uneventful nine-to-five Monday-to-Friday routine for far too long methinks… But hey…. its really EXITING!!! Imagine what I’m going to be like when we’re heading off on the big trip in March! (An exited, nervous, mad little mess is what! Aidan beware πŸ™‚ )

Aaaaanyways, I digress. We’ve been real busy getting the last few things together and preparing the bikes for the trip: Oil & filter change, coolant change (not done that since we bought the bikes so no idea when it was last done), new brake pads on Seven. Oh, and re-tightening all the torx bolts on the engine casing…. for some reason they seem to rattle themselves loose (very slowly) on Seven in particular! Has anyone else experienced that before? I wonder if I should locktite them, or whether that’s a bad idea, since the bolts are very soft and easily rounded off….. Might have to ask Google at some point…

So then comes all the packing and loading up the bikes….. We have been accumulating things we think we need over the past two years, so now we need to dig them all out from all over our room, cupboards and garage. We’ll probably forget a few of them because they are in a safe place, put there specifically so we will remember them πŸ™‚ Then let the tetris packing challenge begin πŸ™‚

Will keep you posted…

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