We Quit!!!

 …. Our Jobs that is! Yay! 🙂 People say it’s scary quitting your job. And maybe it is if you have kids to feed, a mortgage to pay and a career that you worked hard at. But we have none of those things so finally leaving the office behind felt real good! No more getting up much earlier than you want to only to go to the office where you spend your daylight hours trying to make your grumpy boss rich!


Well, it wasn’t all that bad of course, but we’ve certainly had enough of office work for now. Freedom here we come!!! Soooooo good to finally have all the time we want to do only what we want 🙂 Which for now is 24/7 trip planning. Got loads of work to do on the bikes….. and possibly parts to order. So best get going so that all the parts we will surely have to order arrive in time….

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