Sexy Red Seat

Not a necessity of course, but I have never been too keen on Seven’s orange seat, and neither has she. Spraying a vinyl seat a different colour didn’t look too difficult. After a lengthy discussion, Seven convinced me that pink is more me than her, and black is just copying Pippa, so we settled on lipstick red.

 Take seat off bike

Wash clean and let dry completely

Spray with primer, then with desired colour and let touch dry. Repeat colour and let dry several times, sparying thin layers from different angles. Eventually the seat will be evenly covered. Let dry for at least 24 hours. Paint says, no sealing spray required. Et voila, a brand new seat! (The method depends on the paint of course, so always read instructions.)

Test drive. All good 🙂 Take pillion for a ride. Red bum! Oh well, as long as the seat actually stays red 🙂

Put on sheep skin and go for long ride. Rubber under sheep skin sticks to paint, permanently. Tear off sheep skin. Seat looks crap 😦 Ok, we can fix that!

Seat back off and wash, scrub the irremovable rubber.

That’s as good as its gonna get.

Spray with primer: the good stuff this time!

Spray thin layers of paint, as before.

Use hair dryer carefully in between if in a rush or too damp outside for paint to dry. (Shit! should have done this on a hot and sunny day. But then this is England!)

Spray layer after layer.

Ok, this is getting silly, a million thin layers from every angle and the paint keeps drying all patchy 😦 Fine, just spray the fuck out of it, till the can is empty! Then give up and let dry.

Sexy, right? 🙂 (Just don’t look too close, its still a tiny bit patchy.)

Update, the paint has cracked (too may layers plus heat from sunshine, then frost) so now Seven’s wearing a pirate patch. Kinda looks even better 🙂

not living up to name, icebear hated the cold, and he was eager to go...

One frosty morning…

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