List of Spares we’re taking

The broken, corroded and replacement clutch actuation arms

The broken, corroded and replacement clutch actuation arms

This is our first real big trip so we don’t really know what we should and shouldn’t take. This list has been compiled going on what other people with similar bikes have taken, what lots of helpful people said and what we thought of ourselves. As such we will try and update it as experience teaches us. And hopefully one day it will be useful to other travelers in deciding what they should take…

All this bearing in mind of course that we have two bikes that are the same (2004 BMW F650 GS twinspark) so the list is based on the idea of sharing most spares. And if one bike is a no-go, hopefully the other can get us to where we can order parts, so that we have chosen not to buy some of the heavier/more expensive items. These will just be bought if needed the on the way. And if nothing else helps, we can always swap parts between bikes to get at least one going again 🙂

So here goes the list:

General Bodge Job Stuff:

  • Gorilla Tape

  • Zip Ties

  • small Electrical Wire bits (they were lying around the garage anyways)

  • Radiator Sealant

  • Nuts, Bolts & Washers (the bikes seem to lose them a lot, so maybe use Locktite…)

  • Locktite

  • Superglue

Actual Parts:

  • Fuses

  • 2 Front Inner Tubes

  • 2 Rear Inner Tubes

  • 4 Air Filters (I know you can have reusable K&N filters. But they are said to possibly let less/a different amount of air through and Seven is already a little sensitive when it comes to the air-sensor-computer-idling process. Will see how it goes and let you know if we change our mind.)

  • 2 Oil Filters plus o-rings

  • 2 sets Rear Brake Pads

  • 3 sets Front Brake Pads (Too much? Well, we still had them in the garage, so might as well take them.)

  • 1 Throttle Cables (Nicely sealed and run along the old one. Was supposed to be one each, but didn’t get round to ordering them.)

  • 1 Clutch Cables (as above)

  • 2 Chain & Sprocket Sets

  • 2 Brake Levers (don’t know why we bought 2, but may as well take them now)

  • 1 Clutch Lever (2nd hand, came with other parts so just hope it fits 🙂 )

  • 1 Indicator Bulb

  • 3 Tail Light Bulbs (Yeah excessive I know, but they had a good little 3 for 2 deal going and the Suzukis keep breaking theirs….. so if there’s 3 left over when we head off, that’s what we are taking.)

  • 6 head Light Bulbs (I didn’t know we still had a loads left when I ordered a couple for the trip, whoops!)

  • 1 Instrument Panel Light Bulb (don’t know where that came from, but since it was free and its tiny, it’s coming with. Seven already needs one exchanged, so one day, when I can be bothered…)

  • 4 Spark Plugs (they are twin spark so take 2 at a time!)

  • 1 water pump kit (these bikes are notorious for water pump failure and of course it happened in Athens, so now we carry a spare) – update: we already needed to use the spare so now we have none left; but as its not a show-stopper we’ll just buy again when neededwater pump kit

  • 2 water pump shaft pinions 15 tooth (as above) – you need two per repair, and these are a show-stopper

  • 6 spokes for each wheel (one of them has two lengths)


  • Oil

  • Coolant left overs (or at least the specs cos apparently the BMWs have “unusual” engines (surprise, surprise) the coolant that’s standard for most bikes, corrodes them!)

  • Scotoil

  • copper grease

  • high-temperature grease

  • WD40We have been accused of advertising WD40 a lot.... but Seven won't let go of a single nut without it!

2 responses to “List of Spares we’re taking

  1. Radiator sealant …..use only as a last resort and clean it out of the system as soon as you can…..didn’t know it was in my cb500 ’till it blocked the tube from the radiator to the expansion tank….gave all the symptoms of a blown head gasket. Found it after stripping the head down….not amused. Good luck.


    • Thanks for the tip 🙂 (Its a last resort thing anyways, but good to know I must wash it out soon as!)


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