Ready or not, here I come!

A few days after our arrival in Berlin the doctors decided to send my drug-infused dad back home where my brother and I would look after him. He got a little bit better every day.

In between playing nurse I had a chance to explore Berlin’s flea markets. I found one in Kreuzberg, tucked away in the Princess Gardens. An alternative community is growing vegetables here inside old milk crates and old milk cartons amongst other things. There is a recycling centre where people can donate containers, wood, old pipe and other materials to be used in the garden.



There s also a bicycle parts station with old bikes and frames in various states of repair hung up on a pole. People can donate parts or take some that they need, on a give and take basis.


On the way home Icebear made new friends who were quite adamant he should stay with them in Berlin. But he was reluctant to swap motorbike for buggy.


Last weekend my dad was well enough to go out, so we spent the whole sunny Saturday in Potsdam (a town on the outskirts of Berlin). Potsdam is special as it is full of old architecture and historic buildings. Unlike Berlin, which was virtually flattened during the world wars. No-one bothered bombing Potsdam and so all the historic stuff still stands.

We left the bumble around town for another day and explored the two castles instead. Sansouci was the pleasure palace of Friedrich the Great.

And the New Palais, started by Friedrich, was home to his successor. A huge park spans between the two speckled with statues, benches and little corners to rest in.


There is also the Chinese Tea House doused in gold (it’s real leaf gold). No watchmen there to tell me off if I get too close so a photo shoot on the steps ensues. On the way back out I touch the little fence and a super loud alarm goes off, telling me not to touch the valuable gold and a park attendant is being informed of my crime. No park attendant shows up though, so we have a super yummie dinner at the nearby Moevenpick restaurant, followed by their even yummier ice cream 🙂


The next day my dad was suitably exhausted, but soon revived enough to climb about fixing and cleaning windows. And on Monday his blood results come back as “nothing to worry about”. So its time to fly back to Turkey and continue the journey methinks 🙂

Flight booked and back in Kurtkoy since yesterday.

Aidan will eventually tell you, what he’s been up to in the meantime, but for now he’s stressing about his best man’s speech…

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