Painting Trees and Chicken Houses

When we got back from tire shopping, Levent had gone to buy chick food and Liam was online, searching for a bike to buy. Our parcel had still not arrived and it was 11 days till we need to leave the country.

Sunday of course no mail is delivered. 10 days to go. We wen’t down to Levent’s olive grove on a steep hill. He’d been shown which piece of land is his the other day and had marked it. So now we were to paint the trees. They are given a white coat of chalk around the trunk to deter insects that destroy the tree. It was a steep hill to climb around on, bucket of paint in one hand and we ran out of paint long before we got to the bottom of the hill.

That evening we built Ikea cupboards. Erdem had been given lots of cupboards in pieces and we had to puzzle them back together. After spreading the shelves, door and side walls around the house, we could decipher enough parts for three complete units, plus extra. Many screws had been broken out of the plywood when they were taken apart for transport, but in the end we had three wobbly wardrobes propping each other up at the back of our room.

Monday morning Aidan and I went down to the Earthship to water the plants while Liam and Levent went to buy a motorbike. They had to put it in Erdem’s name, as foreigners cannot buy/own a turkish vehicle. This means Erdem would have to trust Liam not to mess up with the bike, as it would come back to him. Real nice of them to do that for Liam! Its a cool little bike too, and cheap, albeit with a bald back tire that needs replacing.

Our parcel still hadn’t arrived. 9 days to go. But a French couple arrived. They are traveling the world making a documentary about unusual house building techniques.

Tuesday morning Liam refreshed Levent’s gecko tattoo. We were tempted to have him do one for us as well, but then we hadn’t really come up with a design so it would just have been for the sake of it. This is the day we went to fetch the fourth tire Bora Eris had sent. When we were back, the parcel still hadn’t arrived. 8 days to go.

When we were back lunch dragged out a little bit and it was 4pm before we knew it. Levent asked me in German, whether we would paint the chicken shed, as it was getting late and the chicken would want to go to bed. “I don’t want to say everything twice!” he added in a pissy tone of voice. Hm….. we’d been getting the feeling we’d overstayed our welcome for a while. The situation wasn’t great: the parcel was refusing to arrive and in Erdem’s absence Levent was struggeling to find things for us to do, specially since he didn’t know what his brother wanted doing. Thing is, we’d done everything we’d been asked to do, and did quite a bit of cleaning, which Levent didn’t even seem to notice. It was unfair on us. We really wanted to go, but we were stuck!

So we painted the chickenhouse white, with the same chalk as the trees. We had to becareful ot to disturbe the chicken that was sitting on some eggs to hatch. To our surprise the job was done in about half an hour. So we painted the trees in the chicken yard and went in for a shower. The chalk is very alkaline and peels your skin off.

The parcel wasn’t arriving, but we needed to get out of there. So that night we made a decision to go on a little ride on Pippa the next two days. We’d be back on Thursday evening. Friday was the latest possible day we could leave for the Georgian border.

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