Promethius Cave

We don’t normally bother with tourist attractions. Not that the places aren’t interesting, we just can’t be bothered with all the tourists. But some places are worth biting the bullet for.

And Promethius Cave by Kumistavi near Kutaisi is one of them. You’ve maybe seen a cave with stalactites and stalagmites before. (To this day I cannot remember which one goes ground up and which ceiling down, no matter how many times someone tells me, since I also always forget the mnemonic to remember it by.) This cave is amazing!

It’s vast, with chamber after chamber connected by cavernous tunnels, there are underground lakes, sheets of stalactites cascading down like a waterfall frozen in time, delicate little stalagmite forests and stalagmite pillars so thick, you couldn’t close your arms around them. It’s all lit with different colour changing lights. Sounds cheesy but it adds to the magic of the place. Not quite sure why they play classic music though.

The guide said something about 98% humidity and they have gates at the exit to make sure the conditions stay that way. But we dragged behind and soon managed to lose the guide and other tourists, making it a special experience.

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