“The Bar 32”

Looking for a wickid little place to have a few drinks in Batumi? Sick of the cheesy, overpriced, touristy places? Come to The Bar at No 32 A. Melashvilli Street, a black door pretty much opposite the Surf Hostel.

There you’ll find a great atmosphere and wickid people. The owner, Sasha, is a chilled chick from Ukraine with some awesome tattoos, always up for a laugh, who runs the place with her mates.

The Bar fills up every evening with a chilled crowd from Batumi as well as travelers from the nearby hostels, so it doesn’t take long till you’re involved in some interesting conversation.

Of course they serve ice-cold beer, vodka, whiskey and other shots, always accompanied by a jar of pretzel sticks as well as some snacks such as a yummy sandwich and fried potatoes. And if, like us, you’re lucky enough to turn up on Sasha’s birthday, there is a huge box filled with vodka and watermelon and champagne too 🙂

As you open the door, you walk down a few steps into a cosy room with that distinct Shoreditchy feel (our London friends will need no further explanation). The decor is a sort of trendy, retro shabby-chic affair with exposed brick contrasting the sharp lines of the panels decorating two walls and the underside of the stairs. The shelves behind the bar are made of old pallets and big old-school light bulbs serve as lamps. The square tables and chairs made of wood and black iron are scattered around the room and the black bar is made of chunky wood beams.

Bank notes from different countries are pinned to the shelves. A tablet is hooked up to some speakers playing a great variety of alternative music and whatever else you can find in their collection. And a choice of sunglasses is available, should you require.

Any silly idea goes, such as new uses for a condom or a giant jar of fruit and vegetables conserved in Vodka and the motto is to meet great people and have fun till early in the morning!

Icebear loved it too 🙂

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