We never told you about this clever little device, did we?

Years ago, at the HUBB meeting in Ripley, UK, we bumped into these guys who said they’d come up with a cheap and cheerful cruise control and promptly gave us a couple (they weren’t allowed to sell at the meeting, since they hadn’t registered as traders. So we just paid them via Paypal later. Great try before you buy option!)

How does it work? Well, it’s a little plastic thing that clips to the throttle. When you want the throttle kept open in a certain position, you just twist the plastic around to rest on your brake lever, keeping the throttle in that position. Now you can let go; your right hand is free! But it’s not too tight, so you can easily twist the throttle closed again, when you need to slow down.

To be honest, it doesn’t keep the throttle open forever and minor adjustments are needed depending on whether you go up-hill for example. But it’s a brilliant little thing that has allowed me to scratch all those mozzy bites and take hands free riding shots 🙂

The other day Aidan  somehow managed to snap his in half. So we ordered another. The guys at Throttlemate came up trumps! They’d read our blog and sent not one but TWO per superfast post! Brilliant 🙂

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