A New Shlem!

Helmet that is to you and me. Since my old trusty helmet had been stolen in Kutaisi, I’ve had to mission about (on the internet mostly), to find a new one. The chances of me finding a really good Shoei in Georgia were slim. We’d asked around. Other bikers here just order them from Europe or the US. So that’s what I had to do. Me being me, it had to be just the right helmet, in the right colours of course! Why make it easy?

The first idea was to get the same one as before, only I wanted a colour design that they only sell in America. And since it was an outdated design, hardly any companies still had one my size available. I spent hours and days searching the net. When I found one, they would of course only deliver inside the US. Archi, our friend from Kutaisi had a solution for that, and so the helmet was ordered.

A few days later, when I had internet again, I had an email that the order was cancelled! Apparently they just hadn’t updated their website and it was no longer available. Poo! I could sense that Aidan would probably kill me, if I spent that much time in a WiFi cafe again to find a new one. And to be honest, I didn’t really fancy it either.

So I bit the bullet and got the new Shoei NXR version. It was supposed to be even better than my old XR1200, so hey, why not? The design wasn’t as wickid, but I’d just have to live with that. And when I found a company in Germany that sold it at a 100 Euro discount… I skyped my dad to expect it arriving in the post shortly.

A few days later my dad skyped me, the helmet had arrived. It was a size S as ordered, but it was tiny! He couldn’t get it on his quite small head, so would I be able to get it on mine? Well, I could send it back and get an M. But either way there was a chance it would arrive in Georgia and not fit. So he might as well send this one. Of course I couldn’t check, but I was pretty sure my last one was an S.

Three weeks or so later we rode to Tbilisi. The helmet an all the other parcels with tools my dad had sent should have arrived by now. I walked into the post office. “Ah, Schumacher! Yes, we have post for you!” I was presented with a huge Verhuis (dutch for moving house) box and three smaller parcels. My dad really had packed the helmet well.

Back at the bike it was like Christmas! I ripped open the big box first. And the helmet fits perfectly 🙂

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