Aircon in my Boots

Leaving Tbilisi we park up outside a restaurant and walk towards the door. I spot a tiny little puppy about three metres away or so and – “Ouch!” I scream out. A dog has snuck up behind me and buried its teeth in my ankle!

I spin around “Fucking bitch! What the fuck!?!” I scream at it and it sheepishly walks off, quite aware what it did was not cool. We enter the restaurant, the owner looks concerned and makes a phone call. I inspect the damage. A small chunk is missing from just above my heel. But no real damage and my ankle still moves the way its supposed to. So I smile at the owner, reassure her all is ok and we order a beer and some food.

My boot has a hole in the back now though. Well, it hasn’t quite been watertight for a while and some air-conditioning won’t go amiss in this heat.

Lessons learnt?
1) If you leave Europe and head to countries where dogs are more like street dogs than precious pets get your Rabies shots! Actually that includes Greece. (Thanks Ray!!)
2) If you spot a super cute puppy, an overprotective bitch is probably not far behind.
3) No matter how tempting it is to ride in converse in this hot weather keep your motorcycle boots on! Without them I would probably be in hospital with chunks missing out of my ligaments, the doctors trying to find a way to re-attach my foot. Not exaggerating either, that bite was full force vicious!

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