Cave Town by Varzia

Having missed out on visiting the caves carved into the mountains in Turkey, I really wanted to see the cave town in Varzia. And it was worth it!

Its lots and lots of caves with one or two or even three rooms caved high up into the mountain side. Some of them are even connected by tunnels inside the mountain. In places they get so low, you have to crouch down and in others you have to walk sideways to walk through. And the best bit is, you are free to roam and climb about in them as you please.

There is also a working monastery and a church. But the priest just locked the door when we arrived (so make sure you get there before late afternoon). I caught a glimpse inside through a gap in the curtain at the window to the path behind, and it looks like it is quite special. But there was scaffolding up for renovations. (Of course there was, there always is, when we visit a place! Remember the Parthenon in Athens?)

The monks still live in the caves and that part you aren’t allowed to nosy around in of course. But I caught a glimpse of potted plants and wooden chairs.IMG_5733

There are a few tourists of course, but it isn’t too bad and well worth the 3GEL entry fee. But don’t worry about booking a hotel there. They have touts running round the parking lot. But there is pretty much nothing there and if it wasn’t for the caves, Varzia wouldn’t even be on the map, so unless you want to spend days walking around the stunning landscape, you’ll get bored pretty quick. Here a few pics of the ride through the stunning area 🙂

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