Winds of Change

We always knew, that our travel plans would most probably change, simply cos you never know, what will happen when you’re on the road and for a long time. After all, weren’t we supposed to be all the way round the Stans by the time our friend’s wedding in France came about in June?

This time its a major change through, and we’ve had to give up on a great dream of ours. And that was really hard! Riding through Kazakhstan was on the top of our travel wish list. But at the moment that is not possible for us. We have not completely given up on the idea of riding the stans, we will do it some day on this trip.

As you know, Seven has been breaking down all over the place since Greece and we have spent a lot of our time waiting for spare parts to arrive in the post. Each time we think, this is the last repair! Surely at some point there must be an end to it, the bike can’t keep breaking down. But she does, and we have had to admit, that Seven is just not up to this trip! Normally these bikes are indestructible, apart from a few usual repairs and replacements, which we are well prepared for. Somehow I have picked the one in a million GS that constantly breaks down.

The only way I can explain it to myself is, that previous owners have worked the bike hard, putting a strain on the individual parts. She can do the odd commute to work just fine nd you wouldn’t spot any problem checking her over. But long daily journeys of up to 250 miles in 35-40 degree heat and on super bumpy, skiddy roads is causing the abused parts to finally break. By now the engine is making wired noises and losing power, a problem we haven’t figured out yet.

Whatever the reason, in the next few countries we cannot afford to break down. We have three days to get through Azerbaijan, before customs dictate the bike leave the country. And then we have a limited number of days on our Kazakhstan visa. So waiting three weeks for the parts to arrive in the post is not an option. The bike and I would have made the journey on the back of a truck to ensure we leave the country in time. And that is not how we had envisaged exploring the Stans.

A long story short, we do not have the right bike to continue with our original plans, so its time to take the hint and change them. We considered the many options, costs and other places we want to see and came up with this:

Take a ferry to Bulgaria and store the BMWs at Motocamp. Fly to India and buy two little Indian whizz-around bikes there. Ride around the country, Nepal and Bangladesh for six months and have a good time. Then sell the bikes again and return to Motocamp to figure out what to do about Seven.

We were a little concerned that this is really just running away from the problem and we’re still quite sore about not going to Kazakhstan next, something we’d so been looking forward to. But we’re fed up waiting around to solve the problems with Seven. It is time to do some traveling and exploring! Half a year in India was high on the list too and we really can’t wait now 🙂

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