Motocamp Bulgaria

We’d heard about Motocamp from other travelers and Flid mentions it in his book Ureka. So we had to have a look of course. We could hole up there for a few days till we had our Indian Visa sorted, and make use of the Internet to catch up with whats going on back home.

Before we knew it, over a week had gone by. There are a whole bunch of English and German expats living in and near Idilevo and it was always someone’s birthday to celebrate. We enjoyed BBQs, amazing food and birthday cakes as well as far too much beer, wine, rum and homemade Rakia! Tamara and Michael had interrupted their travels to buy a house here, so the mother had flown over from Germany to visit her daughter for her birthday. She never stopped baking and cooking, churning out several cakes and two huge German feasts of Schnitzel, a regional melted cheese dish, sausages and various versions of potato-ham-egg-mayo salads amongst other things. Another night we all chipped in for a huge curry, cooked over two days by one of the expats here. Yum!

Motocamp is great! You can pitch your tent in the garden, or you can rent a room or even the cabin or the apartment. They have hot showers and internet of course and breakfast is included. If you need, Ivo will wash your clothes for you. There are not one but two bars, one outside, and one inside. You just help yourself to beer or whatever else and you write it down on your tab, to be paid at the end with your bill. I like that kind of trust-based approach! 

The inside bar is upstairs in an old barn, decorated with millions of flags, posters, maps, stickers, photos, number plates, patches… anything bike or travel related.There are shelves with books and maps, so you can leave yours, if you don’t want them anymore, and help yourself to others.

Downstairs there are loads of wickid old motorcycles to be restored one day (I want the darker blue one!) Oh, and if you need, there is a workshop full of tools that you can use and they’ll store your bike for a small price, if you need to. That’s our plan…

They have a really friendly dog called Harley and two cats who usually only come over to see if you have some food. Sometimes they love a little game of chase and a few scratches too, though 🙂

While we were here, all sorts of travelers from all over the world came and went on all different kinds of bikes. Old BMWs, sports bikes, street bikes; two up, or by themselves. Some just pop in for a drink, others stay for a night or a few. Between them and the expats, there are always people around to have a few drinks in the evenings with, and we had some great conversations about bikes, off-roading, life philosophies, tips about India…… and buying and doing up a house here.

But don’t worry, great as it is, we won’t buy a house here.

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