So we bought two bikes and couldn’t get decided who would ride which one. We both prefer the colour black, so Aidan gentlemanly let me make the choice. And I have a nack for chosing the wrong thing (the slowest que in the supermarket, the GS that keeps breaking down…) Damn!

Aidan had done the test driving. I was too sacred to crash the bikes before we’d even bought them. But something was drawing me to the blue bike and its engines lower, throatier hum. Then the shop guy put the papers of the blue bike in my name as well. Hm….

Aidan said I should ride both and then decide. When we set off from the shop, I rode the blue bike. And by the time we reached Main Bazaar Road I wanted to keep it.

As a sports bike I struggled to understand my bike. Just like I don’t tend to hang out with sporty people much, however nice they may be. We usually just live in different worlds.

But me and the bike got on well and she soon revealed herself as a cheeky little oil-oholic that’s up for anything. She’ll play pranks, not starting in the mornings, the battery draining over night or a flat tire 500 metres from a tire repair shop. And the oil needs topping up every 400 km. But she’s never let me down yet, no matter how thin the air in her carbs or how bumpy the gravel road. So we’ve soon become friends 🙂

Her full name is Chora Nila Hati, Hindi for Little Blue Elephant (the spelling varies as its translated from one alphabet into another). It’s after the little blue elephant in the German kids TV series Die Sendung mit der Maus, where the blue elephant is smaller than the mouse. For India a 220cc bike is big, a veritable elephant. But for me, used to 650cc, its tiny. And of course she is blue 🙂

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