We introduced Nila ages ago and you’ve probably been wondering when we’d tell you about Aidan’s Indian bike…. Obviously it’s the other one we bought, the black one. But who is she?

Well, in Aidan’s words, “she’s a pain in the arse!” (‘arse’ with an Irish accent). I think by that he means the trouble changing gears she’d been giving him all through the Himalayas and the juddering in 5th gear and the final breakdown in Rajasthan. And then of course, she is a little small for Aidan, both in engine size as well as shape. He ends up riding in a rather crunched up position spread-eageling his arms and legs for relief, whenever the traffic allows.

But she’s a loveable, if sometimes a little fussy, teenager really. She’s been begging Aidan to go shoe shopping, the walls of he rear tire having cracked. But by Indian standards that’s no reason to get new ones. After all the tire wall is still just fine and smooth on the inside. The tire wallah assured us it would be fine. So now Khiimori kicks up a fuss every now and again, running over nails or just deflating the tire every few hundred kilometers.

The name Khiimori (Khimi for short) comes from the Tibetan prayer flags and means “wind-horse” in Mongolian. She’s an eager little racer with a mighty top speed of 130kmh. Always flirting with other vehicles but narrowly avoiding being kissed by them (like that Tata truck charging at her on her side of the road in the mountains).

As keen as us to explore India, she’s been braving rocky mountain roads and gravelly river crossings, swimming through deep sandy desert pistes, tearing through thorn bushes and slaloming around cast-wheel-shattering potholes. A fun little toss-around 🙂

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