Only in India!

It is impossible to describe all the mad, unusual beautiful and crazy things we saw on our travels in India. Most of the time we have been too stunned or simply too busy trying to safely negotiate the traffic to take a picture. So here are just some of the few things we did manage to capture.

Decorated tractors

Ever the inventors: bike covers made from rice bags

Apart from high up in the Himalayas, India is always shrouded in a cloud of mist and dust, so you never see a blue sky!

Please take your shoes off before entering the shop!

Donkey carts, a widely used mode of transport

Lose tobacco for sale dirt cheap

Camel convoys

Holy men and pilgrims

All you can eat Thalis: a selection of local dishes and they keep bringing more till you tell them to stop, all for the mighty sum of $2

Temples and shrines everywhere

Chai Wallahs everywhere too

Strange mascots to decorate your vehicle with

Crisp Delivery

Goats hang out everywhere, city or countryside.

That temple isn’t on fire, it’s just all the incense….

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