Sugar Cane

In every town in India, there is one of these guys. They sell juice pressed out of raw sugar cane, a refreshing drink very popular with Indians, who stop by like it’s a Starbucks. Sometimes you see them break a bit off, chew the juice out and spit out the pulp by the roadside.

We first saw it growing in the fields when we left the deserts of Rajasthan behind us and on the way south there was more and more of it. People temporarily live in tents made out of colourful tarps erected near the fields.

They cut the cane by hand and load it onto oxen drawn carts to be transported to collecting stations along the bigger roads. You often come across whole caravans of them, stopping all other traffic.

Then the cane is loaded onto Tata trucks or tractor trailers to be transported to the sugar cane factory. We rode past one of those, as sweet pungent smell suffocating the air.

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