I have a new bike πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Last weekend Skunk and I traveled back to Thuringia to look at a bike. We’d been watching other people’s travel videos on Youtube and so the bear was all exited. He couldn’t wait! I, too, was like a kid before Christmas. So we set off, Aidan’s warning to give the bike a good look over before agreeing to the purchase still ringing in our ears.

A thunderstorm hit the valley as we arrived, so Marcel and family invited me in for coffee first. They are a super nice little family and Marcel seems to have a lot of bike-related common sense. We were laughing, he was selling the NX because he’d swapped over to a BMW F650 GS, the very bike I’d just sold! He made some awesome panniers out of old ammunition boxes for it though.

When it stopped raining, he handed me the keys and explained where I could find the nearest highway to open the throttle. No mistrust or leave-a-deposit-please. Just a hearty “Have a fun ride!” Wow! That’s how things should be!

Upon my return we had a good look at the bike and double and triple checked all of the little niggles I’d found. Marcel genuinely didn’t want me to buy something broken or bad quality. No reception in the valley, so I climbed the cow field on the nearest hill to confirm with Aidan. Then the thunderstorm turned around. Sticking out the tallest thing on a hill was probably not such a good idea, so I rushed back down. The wife invited me to join the dinner she’d cooked, but sadly I wasn’t hungry. It smelled real good!

Marcel threw in a few extras, like the oil, spare sprocket and brake pads he still had. Even a rain suit that didn’t fit him. Sweet! A fair price paid and the paperwork done, I was now proud owner of a sexy retro white and turquoise Honda NX 250 πŸ™‚

And what a fun little bike she is! That’s exactly it…. not really a road bike, not really an enduro, but something in between. If fun-bike were a category, she would be the very definition! Light, super agile and happiest on trails through fields and forests. I can’t wait to ride super bad quality roads in South East Asia now!

Oh, and the name? She told me straight away it’s Lea. Pronounced the German way. A bit like princess Leia from Starwars but with a German accent.

And since Jena is basically next door, I popped over to see Ilka. There was a free music festival going on in the park so a few beers in the evening sun to celebrate were on order πŸ™‚


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