Zug der Liebe – the new NOT-Loveparade

Five years after the disastrous end of the Loveparade, there is a revival and we have to be part of it of course πŸ™‚

No disrespect to the many who died that fateful day in Duisburg of course! The organisers of the Zug der Liebe insist that this new Parade of Love is very different and have registered it with the authorities as a demonstration for love and peace. It isn’t commercialised and the carts are organised by private people who want to give a voice to the many organisations that actively fight for love and peaceful causes. In a way it is very similar to how the Loveparade first started out.

Many like the idea of a demonstration for something (instead of against) with music to make it heard and the turnout is huge. Being Berlin, it had to be techno music of course. Not quite to our taste, but that doesn’t matter at all. It is a wickid atmosphere and we are stoked to be part of this new Zug der Liebe. Long may it last!

There are some great outfits about:

Some…. er…

And of course it wouldn’t be Germany without:

Every parade should have a couple of ecstatically dancing grandpas

And don’t let your kids stop you…

Skunk makes lots of friends and is asked several times whether he is a dog or whether he is dead or live!?! No matter what answer he gives, people insist on feeding him beer (and usually pouring it all over him and me) πŸ™‚

The trams were forced to stop for a few hours

Some people did protest against something… unless she meant it literally of course?

So a demonstration it was! But most stuck to the theme

Wouldn’t be us, if we didn’t spot a few wickid bikes along the way!

The last leg (!) of the march is along the Berlin wall…

… and underneath eastern style (but pretty in pink) overhead piping

Then the carts park up and we party till the music is turned off, nine o’clock sharp. It is a demonstration after all and we wouldn’t want to disgruntle the residents keeping them awake till late at night. I’m sure most people are going partying afterwards. But we head home cos I’d got a mild heatstroke in all the unexpected sunshine. Whoops! (I blame the weather forecast that had predicted pissing rain all day.)


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