Sydney City Life

The day came to move out of the hostel and into our leafy street in Annandale. Aidan had loaded Pippa up and went to work. He would finally see the new place in the evening. I had a leisurely breakfast and then packed the rest of our stuff onto little Lea, including a painting I had found. It would look awesome in the hallway.

It’s not a lot of stuff, so I was moved into our new little room within minutes. And when Aidan arrived in the evening, it took no more than ten minutes to move his stuff in too. Luckily he loved the place! Phew!

But of course no city house is without a little drama… (Or is that just my luck?) As usual with house shares, people had left and simply found someone to replace them. The landlords suddenly realised that they had lost the overview over who now lives in which room and what deposit went back to whom. They popped round to inspect the place and promptly decided it must be cleaned top to bottom and the garden needed some serious weeding.

They were right of course. But it sort of sucked that we (and the other two new-ish house mates) had to clean up the mess we inherited. Nothing to it, but to get stuck in. So El was going to call a gardener to deal with the mammoth task of turning that jungle into a garden. But then decided she would have a “tug” first. (Our Aussie friends will understand why that choice of words is funny. El and I had a good laugh about it.) The weeds pulled out of the soil easily so El kept going.

By the time I returned from a quick ride to fetch some beers for the hard work, she had ploughed the entire garden except the last little corner. As I put the beers in the fridge, she came out of the shower wrapped in a towel: “There is a rat in that corner! It keeps staring at me!” Surely a rat would simply scurry off if disturbed? I had a look. The poor bastard had died mid-climb up the fence and was now staring straight at us with his disturbingly alive looking black beady little eyes. I picked him up with a plastic bag and buried him in the bin.

It took several hard day’s work to clean the entire house, but eventually it was done and the landlords were happy during the next inspection. One other thing desperately needed cleaning. You probably can’t see it in the picture, but skunk was still super dusty from our road trip to the Horizons Unlimited meeting. So he had a bath too.

The house is awesome and we love the area. Of course we continued our tradition of beer-supported bumblings to explore.

When we moved in, the washing machine made a nasty, super loud rattling noise. The housies had simply lived with it and accepted that their clothes are never clean. The cleanliness of Australian’s clothes is questionable in any case. For some reason almost everyone here seems to have top-loader washing machines. They don’t wash nearly as well as front loaders. But they are hugely popular here, although front loaders are available – our old house in Petersham had one.

But eventually the noisy machine gave up entirely and we were trudging to the pricey launderette or slaving away over the hand wash basin. (Big bike jeans are a bitch to hand wash!) The landlord thought he’d fix the machine, but never got round to it. And anyways, I don’t think it was fixable really. One day, as luck would have it, I spotted another washing machine up for grabs. So on our way back from drinks at The Annandale, our local, we decided to carry it back home. And it works as well as any top-loader will. Sweet!

At some point one of Aidan’s graduating colleagues had her big final exhibition and Aidan went to see it. Sadly I missed it, as I was too busy working. But I did make it to Selina’s (our previous housie) graduate exhibition at the National Art School Sydney on the final day. Some exhibits had already been taken down, but I still saw quite a few. They were really impressive and many students sold quite a few pieces at impressing prices! Selina did too and is well stokes to now have enough cash to rent a little studio with her friend and buy new materials.


Our friends from the HU-meeting, Taryn and Sam, set off on their very own adventure. So what better good riddance celebration than a big party and The Norfolk with all the friends and family. Shame, I wish I could have spent more time with them. Good luck to them!

Several Tequilas later....

Several Tequilas later….

When it was time for our housie Leigh’s cats to move in, our life got totally taken over by them for a month. They would demand food and cuddles and caused all sorts of trouble, being scared of thunderstorms and needing rescuing from the neighbour’s dog. (Leigh and her girlfriend have joint custody of their cats so they live one month with Leigh, then one month with the girlfriend and so on…) Of course Skunk had to check out who was diverting our attention away from him and promptly got scratched on the nose. But them him and Maggie made friends and passed out.

We might be living in a big city, but there is wildlife here too. A couple of possums live here somewhere and love causing a racket by racing over our roof. One of them loves to sit in the tree outside our window, watching us for hours.

And then of course there are these guys…

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