Southern Tassie is made for walking!

After Hobart we were ready to go back to nature and wild camping. But it rained and was miserably wet ad cold. So we hid in the tent camped in a forest somewhere.



The next day we were on a mission to climb mount Artur. But what had looked like a small bumble turned out to be a five day hike. Sadly we weren’t equipped for that. Sleeping under the stars would be too cold and our tent was too heavy to lug about. So we just walked a little way, got lost almost immediately and turned around after eating all our supplies for the day. The landscape didn’t change much in that time and Aidan was fed up with me stopping for each little mushroom to take a photo.

That night we headed south and found a cute little campsite by the beach. Everything was wet but it had stopped raining and we got a fire going to cook chicken skewers on.

As it got dark something rushed by and we tried to catch it in the flash of the camera. We think it’s one of the illusive, rare Tasmanian Devils.


Then we discovered that we were surrounded by lots of paddymelons grazing away around our tent.

When the fire was out we took our wine bottle for a stroll on the beach. We were hoping to spot the aurora australis. No such luck. But the moon came out dousing everything in silver light and the boats on the lake made for a pretty view.

This was about as far south as we were going to get, so the next day we headed back up towards Hobart to get around the estuary and drop south again on the eastern side. Aidan found the winding coastal road treating us to stunning watery views and the odd golden yellow of autumnal poplar trees.

The area around Hobart is all parched brown farmland and we struggled to find a place to wild camp. In the end we popped open an iron gate to a very unused looking slither of land and pitched the tent. The gate fell against Aidan’s chest. It hurt a bit but he didn’t think anything further of it. Tomorrow we would visit the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary nearby.

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