Bonfires and Friends in the Outback

We left Palmer and rode into Adelaide for a last few errands and a free shower. We hadn’t managed to take any of the Palmer people up on their offer and, well, quite frankly, we stank! Google mentions free showers in the bust station so we parked out back and took turns. The guy who was in the men’s shower before Aidan took his sweet time so we didn’t leave the city till late afternoon.

Rushing north along the highway Lea suddenly started bucking and pulling back. Stopped on the side I saw the problem. My towel, which I’d spread over my luggage had come lose and wrapped itself around the sprocket. There was no saving it, so I took the knife to it. It had wrapped itself around the front sprocket too, and when I took the cover off, I found a broken piece of plastic. Unable to ascertain where it originated, I removed the towel shreds and put it all back together.


This had taken precious time and we were in a rush. Remember Rob, another motorcycle¬† traveler we’d met in Sydney? He was doing his second visa farm work in Booleroo Centre a couple of hundred kilometres north of Adelaide. And we had promised to meet him tonight. Now the sun was setting and we were still 200km away!

We kept him updated and he finally met us at the crossroads towards Booleroo Centre. Having ridden at highway speeds after sundown we were frozen to the bone from the evening chill. The farmers where Rob stayed offered the games room but we were keen to camp. Real nice of them Anyways.

Rob warned that it would be a little muddy but that was ok. He took us down the farm tracks and it being dark I just trusted the guys gunning ahead and followed full speed. Then Aidan did a spectacular slide, the bike spinning this way and that at scary angles. I started to look for a spot to park up without the side stand sinking in, so I could go help him pick Pippa up. But amazingly he never fell! I took a photo of the skid in the morning.


The camping spot was perfect with benched and fire place. I pitched the tent and Aidan started cheffing up a pile of yummy mustard chicken.


Rob had brought an entire crate of beer and we settled in, talking about motorcycle traveling, videoing it all, equipment, sleeping rough… All the stuff that didn’t need any explanations among fellow travelers. It was so enjoyable I wish we could do this a few nights in a row!



When I started yawning uncontrollably I finally called it a night. The guys stayed up till the early morning hours. Rob had to be at work at half past eight and rde off, leaving his tent. We had been invited to breakfast on the farm. But to my great regret we never made it. We toyed with the idea of staying another night. But then Aidan got the bug and wanted to set off.


This time we could see the gorgeous landscapes of Canyon as we rode back to the highway in daylight. When a sign announced that the twisties would end in 2km I was sad!

Then the boring highway took over. It had threatened to rain and I was cold but apart from some drizzle nothing much happened. We spent the next night camped in the bush just off the highway.

The next day was more boring highway. Monotonous wide open spaces…. If only I had managed to charge the iPod! Our lunch was interrupted by a massive KABOOM! Across the water was the Woomera prohibited area reserved for weapons testing and space launches. Of course you don’t get to see anything from the highway. We were headed to Glendambo, where we’d finally get off the highway.





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