Wicked vibrant Freo


We’d booked in to Sundancer Backpackers, an ex pub wickedly converted. There were pool tables, free wifi, table tennis, a huge common area with TV, another TV corner for gaming, a huge kitchen, an outside seating area, a BBQ, a pool and of course its very own bar.


And all of it packed into a wickid old building with high ceilings, cornices and funky decoration. With it’s touch of shabby and low prices it was the perfect place for us.

There was even off-street parking for the girls.


The hostel having a bar meant we weren’t allowed to bring our own booze in. Fair enough. But the bar was a bit pricey after a while. So we disguised some super cheap wine in a giant iced coffee bottle and sipped away at it while catching up with blogs and diaries or watching crap TV with everyone else on the massive red sofa. They must have thought we just love our coffee 🙂

The trendy life of Fremantle centres round the north end of South Terrace.


There are buskers and street artists on almost every corner and some people just set up a stall to sell handcrafted stuff.

On weekends the famous markets are bustling. You can find everything from flavoured coffees, arts and crafts, stuff imported from India and china, little iron fairies, antiques, clothes, jewellery and aboriginal art. There are lots of different food stalls to chose from and there is even a colourful fruit and veg section.

Skunk and I wanted a cowboy hat but Aidan forbade it.

South Terrace is lined with cafes, pubs, breweries, restaurants and bars. Of course we had to go on a bit of a pub crawl to explore them all.

The surrounding streets are lined with little boutiques, record stores, book shops, cafes, shoe shops, art galleries and hairdressers as well as an assortment of random funky shops like the fairy shop in the corner of a tucked-away little courtyard. We spent hours bumbling about just soaking up the atmosphere.

The whole area is pretty funky. There is lots of street art, graffiti and little weird and wonderful things that make the area colourful and lively.

Our meanderings took us past the harbour. The bikes would be setting off from here somewhere in a couple of week’s time.




Of course we had to pop into the Little Creatures brewery. We had been enjoying their beers all over Australia and now we were in their hometown. To our surprise they had a free beer tasting so you could try all their exotic different flavours like the mad lime and salty Loony Goose before committing to a full pint in the bar. We weren’t gonna say no!


One of the book shops offers a blind date with a book. Of course I couldn’t resist and had to try it out. I ended up with a book I would never have chosen but now that I have it I’m actually quite excited to read it.


The problem with staying in such a trendy area is that you end up spending a lot of money on yummy coffees, street food, ice creams and beer so it was probably just as well that we moved to a more residential area in Perth after six days. It was time to get the bikes cleaned up.

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