Leaving Aussieland, going home

And then that was it. All of a sudden it was time to go home. Probably just as well. The local marsupial customs were beginning to wear off on Sunkyroo and Noodle.


We’d had a great time in Aussieland, seen heaps of stunning places and  met lots and lots of super nice people! It really was a rich and fulfilling experience. We celebrated with one last bottle of our favourite Tassie beer, savouring every last sip since we probably wouldn’t be able to have one again for a very long time.

Then it was time to go to the airport and begin the long journey home. We alleviated the tedium of waiting around a bit with a an overpriced pint or two.


The first flight was over night and would be a long one, so Skunk retreated into hibernation.



Booze was little harder to come by during the stop-over in Doha, Qatar. We had a nine hour wait, but I guess that was better than a super short one missing our connection. It was only so long that Skunk could be kept busy watching the airport comings and goings. It was all we could do to prevent him tucking into the duty free.




The second flight luckily wasn’t that long and Skunk was happy to keep asking for Whiskey top-ups.



Before we knew it we arrived in Berlin where we could revel in the freedom of being allowed to drink in the street without sneaking about or brown-bagging our beers. Home sweet home!




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