Shenanigans in Perth

Having left the bikes with the craters we had a bit more than a week to kill before we would fly back to Europe. Being winter the weather took a turn for the worse and it was raining day in day out. That almost suited us just fine though. It is amazing how much life-admin there was to do. While on the road we had not done much of it, leaving it for when we had time and a proper internet connection. And now we had.



Yes we were hoping to continue our adventures in Canada. But to begin with at least we would have to work there to top up the rather depleted travel fund. That meant returning to real life among normal society. A daunting task after what feels like an eternity on the road. Starting with the simple things I got a hair cut, Aidan shaved his beard off and Skunk took a thorough bath.



My super comfortable bike boots were beginning to disintegrate. They hadn’t been watertight for a long time. No point lugging them to Canada… I needed new ones! So it was good bye to my trusty friends. After four years of wearing them almost every day I was quite sad to throw them in the bin. They had served me well.

As the rain continued we worked on photos, caught up with the blog, Aidan polished his CV while I began the working holiday visa application process for Canada. Fingers crossed they actually let me in. I won’t bore you with the details. We were super lucky to have the house to ourselves so we could spread ourselves out.


There is a big old lemon tree behind the house. So Skunk got some to put into his vodka while I baked lemon muffins with my famous cream cheese and lemon icing and some lemon cake too. Man it is good to have a kitchen with an oven again!

Luckily the sun eventually reappeared and we got a chance to explore the city. Perth is a vibrant city with heaps of art and culture. Visiting the Art Gallery of Western Australia is free so of course we stuck our nose inside. There were lots of pieces I liked. But of course taking photos with flash is not allowed and without mu shitty camera doesn’t take great pictures, so I soon gave up. Here are a few things though.

This piece is amazing: hundreds of personal diaries…. but read for yourself!

And there was lots of aboriginal art too. I particularly loved the ochre paintings on tree bark!

Of course there is lots of street art and random strangely wonderful things, especially in the more trendy, alternative areas of Northbridge and Mount Lawley.


The wickid London Court gives a hint of medieval times. The bell tower even has a couple of knights jousting on the hour.

We went on a bumble through a couple of parks messing about with our cameras.

There are lots of cafes and restaurants about too. Some alternative, healthy organic stuff, lots of Asian restaurants and the odd Mexican too. Our budget was tight but we did treat ourselves to one or two meals. Would be a shame not to try the tantalizing culinary delights this cosmopolitan multicultural city has to offer.

Of course we checked out a bunch of pubs too. And there are quite a few pretty nice ones. The Dominian League didn’t have a whiskey tasting on this time, so we played a round of Tavlar. Queens Tavern in Mount Lawley had cosy fire places inside and patio heaters outside to keep us warm. And Esra Pound, hidden down an alleyway had just the right amount of shabby trendiness to make us feel right at home.

But the best had to be The Bird. Cheap beer, a great outside space and live music in the evening. This one became our not so local local.

I don’t know if the place is named so because of the birds in the tree in the beer garden, but they are pretty cool. They munch the nectar from the pretty red flowers… And occasionally poop into your pint, so you have to watch out.


One lucky evening the live music started soon after we arrived. Personally I loved HUSSY, a young, inexperienced band with much to learn. But they somehow have that make-you-feel-happy factor even with set-the-world-to-rights lyrics.


I went to buy a t-shirt of the next band I liked a lot too: Rag N Bone. But somehow I ended up with a t-shirt and CD of Thee Loose Hounds instead. Whoops! Oh well, it was a wickid night 🙂



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